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Certification Practice Tests and Exams

IT certifications are very important in the job market, because for the recruiters it’s a proof of your skills level better than the academic degrees and they increase the chances of being recruited.

QZ9 offer free practical tests for almost all certifications (CISCO®, MICROSOFT®, ORACLE®, HP®, VMWARE® …) and more than that a free online tool to prepare your exam. Our practice tests contain sometime the same questions asked in the official exams!

Certification practice tests

The questions and answers of practical tests are regularly updated by QZ9 in order to follow their evolution and increase the chances to succeed these certifications.The certification practice tests give you the opportunity to:
  • Know the test format
  • Experience the types of questions you will be asked
  • Test yourself under timed conditions
  • Review your answers and compare them with the correct answers

The below video describe how to use our free tool :


For any certification practice exam you don't find in the list below or if you think the exam you are seaching for is not updated please contact us.

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