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The Ultimate Guide about AZ-900 Exam

Cloud Azure

Do you want to be a cloud player and not miss the opportunities that open up to you?

Dive into the cloud, especially Microsoft Azure

With Azure, you are at the heart of the most advanced concepts and technologies

The AZ-900 guide will contain the following sections:

Azure is the fastest growing cloud in recent years

Microsoft Azure

Let's be a little more precise than this title. Anyone who now points to the Microsoft cloud will find themselves confronted with a number of available services but especially problems associated with the proper implementation within their organization: choice of the best solution, costs, security, monitoring, optimization, governance, etc.

Definitely, the sheep at 5, 6, 7... Paws do not exist and it is unthinkable for a single human being to master all the parts related to the deployment of Azure cloud solutions. However, knowing certain concepts is very useful so as not to miss a crucial step during a project requiring a cloud architecture.

If you want to take the turn of the Cloud and especially that of Microsoft, I strongly advise you to tackle the AZ-900 certification.

Training content is available on the Microsoft Learn platform. You may prefer to read it in French, but I recommend that you know the English terms related to the different concepts as well as Azure services.

To guide you in your approach to certification, here are the 12 chapters of the Microsoft Learn course, for which I offer you a selection of essential keywords to know. These themes can be seen according to the tree below:

  • Cloud Concepts – Principles of Cloud Computing
  • The Foundation of Cloud Services – Introduction to Azure
  • Core Cloud Services – Azure Architecture and Service Guarantees
  • Create an Azure account
  • Basic cloud services – Manage services with the Azure portal
  • Basic Cloud Services – Azure Compute Options
  • Basic Cloud Services – Azure Data Storage Options
  • Basic Cloud Services – Azure Network Options
  • Security, accountability, and trust in Azure
  • Apply and monitor infrastructure standards with Azure Policy
  • Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager
  • Predict costs and optimize spend for Azure

Who should take this exam?

Exam Microsoft az-900

For those involved in buying and selling cloud services

Useful for people who want to validate their basic knowledge in cloud services or solutions

Students interested in preparing for the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 certification exam

Candidates with limited or no technical background who want to learn more about the Azure Certification exam

People who want to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure

Practical exams will help you assess your readiness and ensure that you are well prepared for the final exam.

Take the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam!

Get 90% + on every practical test and you're ready for the real exam!

Take the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam with confidence!

What is the Pass Mark for AZ-900 exam?

If you want to get started in cloud-based roles, a pass mark of 700 or higher is required. For those who are working in the cloud, the AZ-900 is the best way to get started. The AZ-900 is an IT certification exam for candidates with basic knowledge of cloud technologies. It is a prerequisite for all those people who are working in cloud roles. The exam consists of 40 to 60 questions in 85 minutes. It costs $99 in the United States.

The AZ-900 exam is shorter than other certification exams, but has plenty of information. A complete study plan for this exam should contain the essential knowledge in cloud computing. Moreover, the exam dashboard will provide details on the different areas of the exam. Using study tools, candidates should tailor their study plan based on the topic areas of the exam. A few candidates have expressed their doubts about the lack of detailed information about the pass mark.

Is the AZ-900 Exam Worth It?

The AZ-900 exam is not required for higher-level certifications in the Azure platform. Although the exam is valuable for people with no IT background, it's required for anyone to succeed in this field. The certification enables individuals to become familiar with the basics of cloud computing. It is an excellent introduction to the technology and helps those who are new to the concept of cloud computing get started.

The exam material is easy, but the test is rigorous. You need to study hard for it. The AZ-900 requires 700 points to pass. The AZ-900 exam is not for anyone with no experience in cloud computing. There's no dependency chain to other higher-level exams. The AZ-900 exam is designed for those who are new to the technology and want to get their foot in the door.

How many attempts does AZ-900 have?

The AZ-900 exam has no penalty for incorrect answers and applicants have 5 attempts per year. The number of questions range from 40 to sixty. The passing mark is 700, and there are four different types of question types. The time allotted for this examination is 85 minutes. Regardless of the type of exam you choose, you'll have ample time to finish it. Make sure to take breaks and relax before hitting the finish button!

The AZ-900 Retake Policy

Policy retake

The retake policy for the AZ-900 exam is a major concern for many candidates. The first time you take the exam, you must wait 24 hours to review the results. This period is often too long for some candidates, so you might want to give this a try if you're still unsure about whether or not you're ready for the real thing. Alternatively, you can ask a professional to help you understand the retake policy.

The retake policy for the AZ-900 certification exam is quite generous. Applicants have five attempts to pass the examination every year. The retake fee is only $99 USD.

AZ-900 exam Duration

The duration of AZ-900 real exam is 85 minutes.